It’s fall, y’all! While our pup Dea loves the drop in temperature, her playmate at our puppy classes (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) isn’t that pleased. His owners bribe him into going on walks, and he wears a snuggly coat to keep him from freezing. Poor thing!

Does your dog hate the cold and the wet, too? Spoil him with one of the nifty coats by Cloud7 and keep him warm during the cold season!

Brooklyn Waterproof Dog Coats 2017

The Brooklyn coats are made from waterproof fabric on the outside and lined with cosy, soft fleece on the inside. Being machine washable, they are the perfect mix between beautiful, practical and durable.

The prize ranges between 99€ and 129€, depending on size, fit and colour. Get yours via Cloud7’s online shop, or visit one of their international retailers!

About Cloud7

Cloud7 is a label based in Berlin, offering distinctly classic, stylish dog products. Their products range from dog beds and carriers to toys and grooming products. They even offer bags and dog deco elements for humans! All their products are eco-friendly, and Cloud7 emphasizes on Fair Trade. They only use high-quality textiles and work with production houses in Germany.

Psst: You can also buy the Four&Sons Magazines at Cloud7!


Get your pup one of the beautiful, waterproof and weather-resistant Brooklyn dog coats by Cloud7!

The Images all belong to Cloud7.


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