The Link AKC Smart Collar

There are a lot of “smart collars” and “fitness trackers” available for your pet. It’s easy to feel a bit lost on the market! The Link AKC is one of the most multifunctional and most beautiful smart collars we found. We’re completely smitten with it! Sadly, we can’t use it here in Europe, as it needs a cellular connection via AT&T. But if you live in the US, this might be the perfect collar gadget for you!

Link AKC Smart Collar Features

The Link AKC lets you check in on your dog whenever you want. It collects data about the activity level and health of your dog, as well as its location. All this data is sent to the companion app on your smartphone (iOS / Android). From there you can control the training and safety features of the collar.

  • Activity & Health: The collar knows when your dog has been active and can distinguish moderate from intense exercise. You get recommendations about your pet’s activity level based on age, breed, behaviour and size. Further you get alerts whenever your dog is in an environment that may be too hot or cold for them. If you want, you can store information about vet visits and vaccinations in the app and set yourself reminders.
  • Location: The location of your dog is tracked via GPS, which works anywhere in the US via the AT&T network. You can not only see where exactly your dog is at the moment, you can also let the app alert you when he is leaving a defined “safe zone” radius. With the location tracking, you can record hikes with your dog complete with a map, distance and time information and photos via the app.
  • Training & Safety: The collar provides you with training and safety features that come in handy on an everyday basis. You can turn on a light on the collar to make your dog easier to be seen at night. It also has a sound option that you can use while training from a distance. The audio-marker tells your dog whenever he did something you liked for positive reinforcement.

Collar & Tracker Design

The collar is beautifully made, has a classy look and fits dogs of all sizes. The tracker itself can be removed from the collar for loading – it powers through 2-3 days of activity. The Smart Collar is shock-resistant, waterproof, and even won the CES 2017 Award for Best of Innovation! If you buy the collar for your puppy, Link AKC will swap the band for a bigger one free of charge once your pup has grown out of the smaller one.

Price & Service Plan

The Link AKC Smart Collar comes at a regular price of $199, but is available in a Summer Sale for $149 right now! Shipping is free and you get a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a 3 year warranty for the collar.

To access the GPS tracking features and get all of the data sent to your phone, you will need a service plan set up with Link AKC. This will cost you an additional $6.95 per month if you pay bi-annually, $7.95 per month if payed annually or $9.95 per month if payed monthly.


Link AKC is a beautiful Smart Collar that provides a lot of data and functionality concerning activity, health, location, safety and training of your dog.


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