How many toys has your dog destroyed yet? We don’t even keep count any more! Heavy chewers show no mercy. ? Don’t despair – a new startup reduces the toy-death-count of your household! May I introduce to you: Tearrible, the self-repairing dog toy!

How do Tearribles work?

Your dog can tear the Tearrible Dog Toys apart without really destroying them! You can detach and reattach their limbs, tentacles and tails. After your dog tore them apart, you can just velcro them back together and reuse!

They look like goofy monsters and are available in 3 different sizes and designs. All of them consist of durable plush and have a squeaker inside.

Tearrible Tiny – 15 $

Tearrible Tiny – Self-Repairing Dog Toy

Tearrible Medium – 17 $

 Tearrible Medium – Self-Repairing Dog Toy

Tearrible XL – 20 $

Tearrible XL – Self-Repairing Dog Toy

This new toy targets the prey drive of your dogs. The instinctual need to rip things to shreds is being addressed, so your dog will go easy on your shoes and cushions.

Back the Tearribles Kickstarter

The project is already fully financed via Kickstarter, but you can still back it until August 28th, 14:05 CEST. Be one of the first to test the Tearrible Monsters on your destructo-dog! You get a Tearrible Tiny for 15 $, a Tearrible Medium for 17 $ and a Large for a 20 $ donation. If you want more than one, you get even better deals for packages.


Tearribles are dog toys that you can reassemble after your dog tore them apart – back the project on Kickstarter!


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