Gemma Correll is an illustrator, writer and cartoonist with a love for pugs. She also draws a lot of adorable kittens, but we won’t talk about that, obviously ? Because it’s important to raise awareness for mental health, I’ll send you in the direction of her great #mentalhealthfeelslike drawings first!

But now, on to the cuteness: Gemma has set up a shop where you can buy anything from a tea towel to greeting cards. We chose our favourite pieces for you ❤️

If you want to see more of Gemma, you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook. She has some books for sale, for example the Worrier’s Guide to Life or A Dog’s Life. And here’s her website, too, for good measure!

You can also buy a temporary tattoo with one of her illustrations via Tattly – find it in our Tattly Temporary Dog Tattoo Collection!


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