Bringing home our pup changed our lives. Dea makes us happy every day by being the lighthearted, energetic puppy she is. Working from home, we sometimes had difficulties finding an off-switch. Our puppy-adventures brought us back to the “now”, and we enjoy the moments together even more!

A Collection of Dog Stories

Many dog owners have great stories about how their dogs made their lives happier. The Blog and Community Happiness is Dog Shaped is telling them one by one. Now you can buy their beautiful book, featuring a collection of these dogs’ stories (as told by their humans).

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Earlier this year, people could back the project on Kickstarter and get rewards like a feature of their pooch in the book. Happiness is Dog Shaped actually had already funded most of their book before launching the Kickstarter Campaign. So they made sure that a lot of the money funded through Kickstarter went to “Dachshund IVDD Support Australia” as donations.

The project was fully funded and is now finished and printed. The book features awesome support and therapy dogs, and also some pups you probably follow on Instagram (like Django and Chloe or Turbo Roo).

Buy the Happiness is Dog Shaped Book

Happiness is Dog Shaped released their book in November 2017, and you can now purchase it online in their shop. As they love to help dogs in need, they will make a donation from the proceeds of your purchase to either “Pets of the Homeless” or “Dachshund IVDD Support“.

So, if you think about what to get your dog lover-friends for Christmas: This book is it. It’s such an awesome addition to anyone’s coffee table! Or just buy it for yourself – you sure deserve the extra portion of happiness!


Discover a collection of stories of how dogs brought joy into the lives of their humans. In addition to getting a beautiful book, you will support dog-related charities with your purchase.


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