Are you coming home late in the evening and want to still tire your dog out? Is it too hot for outside play in your area during the day? Then GlowThrow, a Glow in the Dark Ball Toy, may be a Kickstarter project right up your alley.

It’s a Ball Launcher like the ones from ChuckIt!, but has a built in a USB-chargable LED. The Launcher will recharge the glowing ball during play, so you don’t have to charge it under sunlight or separately. Beside being a toy, you can use the launcher as a torch for your nightly outings.

“We put the LED and rechargeable battery inside the GlowThrow launcher, so your dog is protected against contact with any electrical components.”

The Early Bird Backer Reward is available for 39 AU$ (29 USD / 26 €), for which you will get…

  • one LED-powered GlowThrow Launcher
  • a glow in the dark ball and
  • an LED collar pendant

Back the Kickstarter

The Kickstarter Campaign for GlowThrow is active until 21st of July 2017, 13:11 CEST. Go and back it if you need this glow in the dark toy in your life! (Sadly, the GlowThrow didn’t get funded!)



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