We’re not always running around in our dirty dog training clothes. Most of the times our clothes are even free from dog hair! The geometric dog jewellery by Glorikami is the perfect accessory to tell everyone we’re dog lovers, regardless!

Their geometric dog breed necklaces are very minimalistic and modern – we fell in love!

Geometric Dog Breed Necklaces

Glorikami manufactures pendants that look like different dog breeds. You can easily distinguish them by the breed’s most prominent features, even though the design is so simple. Go and try to find your favourite breed!

Furthermore, every piece is handmade and unique. The necklaces are made out of brass and have a gold coating.

Glorikami has many dog breeds from Chihuahua to Doberman in stock. Most of all, we love that they offer breeds that are not so popular, like an Anatolian Shepherd or a Bouvier de Flandres.

You can discover all the breeds by visiting the Glorikami Etsy Shop, which has 80 dog necklaces in stock currently. Also, look at their collection on Instagram!

About Glorikami

Glorikami is a jewellery manufacturer from Bangkok. Their name is a mashup of “glory” and the Japanese word “kami”, so it means “The Glory of the Gods”. Also, it sounds like “origami”, which is a clever way to reference their inspiration: The necklaces by Glorikami are inspired by the Japanese art of origami (which means “folded paper”).


Get geometric dog jewellery of your favourite breed by Glorikami – visit their Etsy Shop!


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