We fell in love with a colourful Etsy Shop! Bark and Bloom Designs offers a variety of beautiful flower dog collars – and even matching flower crowns for you! Now that’s what I call fancy party attire! Imagine your dog and you wearing this to your wedding, to a party or for your next Instagram photo shoot ❤️?

The wreaths are handmade and can be customized to the right size for your pooch. The flowers are of course artificial, so you don’t have to worry about the collar wilting 😉 If you don’t fancy any of the colours Bark and Bloom offers right now, just chat with them about a special order!

Here are our favourites:

Summer Flower Crown

Get this flower dog collar in gorgeous summer colours! ($ 36,77)



Green Leaves Wreath

Get this rustic flower dog collar to complement your hipster wedding theme! ($ 24,51)



Queen Flower Dog Collar

Get this girly flower dog collar with purple roses! ($ 32,69)



Custom-Made Flower Dog Collar

This is one of the custom made wreaths! It belongs to Luna the Frenchie. She wore it to the Baby Shower of her hooman Kathy. What a cutie!




Bark and Bloom offers colourful flower dog collars and matching flower crowns for you!


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