Dog Training App Puppr Teaches You How to Teach Your Dog

I love, love, love watching Canine Freestyle videos! If you haven’t yet seen what incredible tricks a dog can do, please go and lose yourself on YouTube!

Why should I teach my dog tricks?

Performing tricks is an awesome mental exercise for your dog. Teaching them helps to strengthen your bond and improve your communication with your pooch.

With the dog training app Puppr you can get started with training right now!

Puppr Dog Training App

Sara and her Super Collies (you have seen her and her pup Hero in the video above!) teamed up with graphic designer Alice Mongkongllite and developer Michael Gao from Chin and Cheeks to create Puppr, a Dog Training App. It shows you how to teach your dog some new tricks! The app is free and available for iOS and Android!


  • Clicker-Training: The app promotes positive reinforcement training – a humane and motivation-based strategy to teach your dog. The app explains how to use a clicker as a tool to support this approach. It even has a “built-in” clicker, so you don’t need to buy a device separately
  • Tricks: There are about 40 tricks available in the app (11 of them are free!). The tricks cover the basics like sit, stay and down, but also more advanced lessons like back up, take a bow or leg weaves. Every exercise is broken down into small steps. It’s actually Sara and Hero who show you how to do the tricks! If you train 5-10 minutes, 3 times per day, your dog will quickly pick up on them.

Puppr is very easy to use and fun to look at, and I promise you a lot of cute border collie pictures! Be sure to also visit the Puppr Merch-Store, as they have some great shirts, hoodies & tote bags!


Puppr is a dog training app that shows you how to teach your dog new tricks step by step using positive reinforcement – featured by Sara & The Super Collies.



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      We love the app and are looking forward to the next version! We’ll keep this article updated ✌️

      And thanks for telling us about the broken link ? – it’s correct now!

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