Dogs love the smell of their hoomans. Science even says that smelling us makes them happy. It reminds them of belly scratches and cuddles! Startup Paw and Bones uses your smell to make your dog happy with a simple toy: The Smelly Sock.

Your Smell Makes Your Dog Happy..

Smelling you activates the pleasure center in your dogs brain. That’s what scientists found out during a fMRI study, where they measured the brain activity of dogs while releasing different scents. (Yes, fMRIs are those big tubes where you have to lie very still in. The dogs in the study were all very good girls and boys!)

..the Smelly Sock Makes Your Dog Happy Too

Startup Paw And Bones uses these research results to make your dog happier in your daily life. You can put one of your own socks into their sock-shaped toy – the Smelly Sock – to make it smell like you. The toy itself is made from durable material that makes sure your dog won’t eat your piece of clothing.

Giving your dog the toy helps to calm your dog down while you’re away and curbs separation anxiety. It also prevents destructive chewing. Dogs will feel less inclined to steal your shoes and laundry, as they already have something with your smell on it!

Get the Smelly Sock

You can back the Smelly Sock Kickstarter (active until Wed, 26 July 15:28 CEST) (The Smelly Sock Kickstarter got funded! ?) to be one of the first to get a Smelly Sock. If you don’t own a dog currently, you can donate the cost to give a toy to a shelter dog ?  If you just want to be informed when it’s available for a regular purchase, go and subscribe to Paw and Bones’ E-Mail list!


Put one of your socks into the Smelly Sock toy to make your dog calm and happy (backed by science).


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