Jen, dog mom of Hoku the Shiba (@hellohoku) had a reason to celebrate: She officially announced her new online shop Fox&Bagel, where she sells pins and patches of things she loves (like Dogs, Asian Noodles, Bubble Tea, Hawaii and Hiking)!

What started as a New Years resolution for designer Jen has evolved into a witty collection. Obviously, we love the dog pins & patches, but who could resist a cute little fox or a bowl of Pho Pin?

Dog Pins & Patches

These dog pins & patches are our absolute favourites:

6 dog pins & patches by Fox&Bagel

You haven’t had enough yet? Take a look at Fox&Bagel’s complete Collection for Dog People!

If you want to read more about the adventures of Hoku, the adorable Shiba, we recommend Jen’s Blog I’ll guarantee a severe case of wanderlust when looking at all the beautiful photos Jen shoots while hiking!


Shop Jens cute (dog) pins & patches at!


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