Did you know that your dogs’ nose print is unique? Just like your fingerprints are! So what would be a better motive for memorabilia like the Dog Nose Print Necklace from Cherished Sentiments?

Nose Print Necklace by Cherished Moments

Dog Nose Print Necklace – Rose Gold (54 $)

The pendant can be ordered in Sterling Silver or 14k Rose or Yellow Gold. It shows the original noseprint of your pooch and is made after a photo of his snoot. You can choose a font of your liking to add a custom name engraving. If you are not a fan of jewellery, you can order it to be made as a keychain instead!

You prefer the pawprint of your dog? No problem – I’m sure you’ll still find a product you love in Cherished Sentiments’ Etsy Shop.


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