We’re still completely smitten with anything copper in interior design. CuBowl makes our dogs’ water bowl fit right in ? These copper dog bowls are not only beautiful, but also antimicrobial (which means almost no bacteria, viruses and fungi live in there)!

They are made of unlacquered copper and come in different shapes and sizes. Copper can only be used for water bowls, so CuBowl also offers a silver alternative that’s safe for food. It’s unlacquered, too and has a similar effect on bacteria.

CuBowl was originally a project on Kickstarter. The founders – two microbiologists btw! – shipped their first bowls to their backers in Summer 2016. It’s so nice to see a crowdfunded project being loved by so many people, especially as it’s such a great product!

CuBowl – Copper and Silver Dog Bowls


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