Doggo is an AI dog training app, that aims to make training more affordable and convenient. It supports you with an adaptive lesson plan depending on your training success.

How does AI Dog Training Work?

With Doggo, your dog gets a training plan that fits his breed, age and gender. It shows you how to train your dog in short sessions, to not strain her concentration. (Science shows that consistent training sessions of about 10 minutes are the best way to help your dog to learn long-term!)

You can tell the app whether your training was successful or not, helping it to learn and adapt your future sessions.

You get guidance for basics like sit, stay and down for free. In the premium version, you also get lessons for distraction training and behaviour rehabilitation. They also offer real-time connections to vets and trainers, to further personally support you.


  • Adaptive training plans depending on your success
  • Growing Trick- & Command-Database
  • Use while training (timed training sessions)
  • Train in a pack – Doggo supports multiple trainers
  • Trainer & Vet Live Sessions
  • Compete with others
  • Progress Tracking

Why do you need this app?

Doggo is focused on training for everyday life and relaxed behaviour. It helps you to put a real-life context behind simple commands and tells you how to make your commands bullet-proof in every situation.

“Dog training is not saying „sit“, and your dog sits. It’s teaching your dog how to live it’s life. It’s teaching your dog how to say please.”
– Srishti Goel, Co-Founder of Doggo

If you rather want to teach your dog artistic tricks, you will be happier with an app like Puppr. For us, a mixture of both makes your life with your dog just a little bit more perfect ❤️

Using the app also supports shelter dogs: When you subscribe to their Premium plan, Doggo gives away one free Premium subscription to a shelter volunteer. This will help a lot of pups to get basic manners down and get adopted faster. You even get a photo of the pup you helped when he leaves for his new home!

Back the Kickstarter

You can back the Doggo Kickstarter until Halloween – Tuesday, 31st October 2017 02:00 CET. Rewards start at donations of 1$, but with a minimum of 25$ you’ll get early access to the app, that is planned to be officially released in January.


Back the Kickstarter Project for the AI-powered dog training app Doggo! It helps you train your dog consistently in everyday life’s situations.


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