Disruptive Dog is a blog collecting dog startup news, dog design, modern dog accessories and tech gadgets for dogs and hoomans. It’s a side project by two dog-loving people who work in the tech field.

Armin Ulrich
Founder & Developer

Armin is a tinkerer who always comes up with a new idea for a side project. His beard is as groomed as his dog is, but don’t let him fool you with his manliness: He has a very cute photo of his puppy on his phone lockscreen! Armin is a developer and always finds the most interesting dog tech products.

Melanie Massinger
Founder & Editor

Melanie was born and raised to be a cat person – hence her Twitter Handle @_feloidea. But nobody can resist dogs forever! She fell in love with her dog Dea and is now one of those people who talk too much about all the funny things she does. She is Disruptive Dogs editor and designy person.