Holiday Gift Guide: Tech For Dogs 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Techy Dogs


GoPro Fetch Harness

The GoPro Fetch Harness lets you mount a GoPro camera on your dog to film your adventures from his P.O.V.! You can attach the camera to his chest or back to get different perspectives. The harness is waterproof and easy to clean, so your pup can swim and even roll around in the mud!


Link AKC Smart Collar

The Link AKC smart collar is a beautiful and functional device. With the built-in GPS, you can locate your dog at any time (this requires a service plan in the US!). It also gives you activity recommendations and temperature warnings if your dog is too hot. The collar has a remote turn-on light for nighttime strolls and a sound feature to help with training. If you buy the collar for your puppy, Link AKC will swap it free of charge for a bigger one once he is grown!

Read more about the smart collar in our article, or go and buy one on Link AKC’s website!


FitBark 2

The popular dog fitness tracker FitBark is now available in version 2! It reports how much time your pup spends sleeping, being active or playing every day. FitBark significantly increased the battery life of the new version to up to 6 months (!). There are also many coloured covers available to match your pup’s collar!

We are currently waiting for our FitBark 2 to arrive, but are already smitten with version 1! We can only recommend buying one to keep tabs on your pet’s activity and health.



Petcube offers interactive pet cameras. The PetCube Play offers you a live-stream on your phone to check in on your pet while it is home alone. You can also use the 2-way audio and a built-in laser toy with your smartphone.

The PetCube Bites is additionally equipped with a treat-toss mechanism that can fling your dog treats at varying distances.


Cleverpet Hub

The CleverPet Hub is an interactive puzzle toy for your dog that will keep him busy at home.

The Hub has 3 surfaces that light up in different sequences. Your pup has to touch the glowing surface with his nose or paw to get to the next step. Depending on how quickly your dog understands the game, the CleverPet Hub increases the difficulty. If he has solved a puzzle, the Hub releases a portion of treats as a reward.

Many people report that leaving their dog at home with the CleverPet Hub has helped calm their pet down. Buy one for your clever pup this Christmas!

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