I swear sometimes I can hear our Belgian Shepherd pup think – or at least I like to tell myself so!

For example, in this beautiful picture she’s thinking: “Okay, so I don’t get to play with the tassels of this thing around my neck and now I’m supposed to sit still? It’s SO BORING!” *exasperated sigh*

Okay, I admit there are still situations when we don’t really understand each other. But I’m absolutely sure that there are some things my dog would NEVER say!

“I’ve had enough of fetch for today!”

Dea knows how to keep going all day long (if we’d let her)! High-Drive pups tend to be like little Duracell rabbits – so teaching an off-switch very important for us.

“Oh, that cat in our garden looks friendly!”

Everything unauthorized that moves in our garden has to be barked at, using the Big-Girl-Woof®. Then, she will go look for her human dad to go and check the scary thing out. (It’s called “division of labour”, duh!)

“You already petted me today, please stop!”

If Dea could choose, she would enjoy a continuous stream of pets and belly rubs all day long!

“No, I don’t want to put that in my mouth.”

Dea is a very mouthy pup. We redirected her so often towards her toys (and away from our poor, scratched arms), that she now thinks she HAS to bring a toy with her to cuddle with us. When she was a puppy, she would also carry a lot of things around: stones, sticks, and even a heavy door stopper!

“I don’t want to say hi to these people.”

I don’t think we ever met someone that Dea didn’t like. That pup has a burning passion for people! While this was exactly what we wanted when socializing her as a puppy, it can get difficult now that Dea is a teenager. Oh, the frustration. Ah, the barks! But we’re definitely powering through that phase!

Can we please stay inside, it’s freezing!

I don’t think Dea even knows how it is to feel cold. Her fur keeps her insulated in snow and ice. She likes winter a lot better than the hot summer, where we tried to keep her cool with some Kong Ice Creams.

“This toy squeaks too loudly.”

The louder, the better! Dea has a toy that squeaks so miserably she has to whimper along with it. I admit I thought about throwing this thing out for good! ?

“We need to take a selfie right now!”

Dea moves as fast as lightning. We have so many blurred photos of her! She also visibly dislikes sitting still for photos, as the time could be used for having more fun!

“I don’t care what you are doing!”

Belgian Shepherds aren’t called “velcro dogs” for nothing! It’s like having a second shadow. Every one of our steps is closely monitored, and the herd is kept together! We love her loyal character ?

“OMG, car rides are my favourite thing!”

I always feel sorry when we’re leaving for a road trip with our pup. She feels queasy on every car ride. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to help her apart from stomach-soothing meds. We worked for months on her being calm when walking towards the car, and she really doesn’t mind now. But as soon as we put her in her travel crate, she drools all over her mat and blanket. Poor thing! Fortunately, car rides aren’t necessary on a daily basis.

“I respect your personal space, especially when you’re naked.”

Sometimes it feels as if Dea is trying to crawl between our molecules! And that means she also sticks on to you when you just came out of the shower, which is… less lovely.

“Thank god my hoomans are leaving!”

Being alone is stupid. Although we always give her a stinky treat to chew on when we leave, she’s only interested in either napping or staring at the door. When we’re back, she’ll instantly grab her treat and eat it on her bed. She’s reasonably relaxed while we are gone, though, which we are glad about!

“Other dogs are stupid.”

The one thing Dea loves more than other people is other DOGS! She is playing so politely that there honestly hasn’t been one dog that wasn’t smitten with her. Dea adapts her playstyle from running around like crazy (her favourite) to pawing at each other stationarily (her best friend’s – a Golden Retriever’s – favourite) or just being very careful and patient with a puppy.

“I’ve never gotten any food from the table or the kitchen – I should stop trying.”

Honestly, she never got a piece of our food in the kitchen or at the table. But she’s always there, lying in the way, looking at you like the hungriest dog in history.

“I’m not the jealous type. Go pet that other dog!”

Dea does not really like sharing her humans. She’ll accept it, but if you overdo it, she’ll give you the cold shoulder afterwards.


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  1. This one is entirely too true hahaha -> “This toy squeaks too loudly.”

    Great post! This site is hilarious. Love the minimalistic wallpapers, those are a great idea.

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